Subscription Rates for the quarterly journal, Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries, with associated membership of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia are:

$30 for individual members in Australia and New Zealand

$40 for institutional members in Australia and New Zealand, and

$10 additional for members in the rest of the world to cover the extra cost of postage.


Single Issues of Biblionews may be ordered from the Publications Editor, Richard Blair (email:  blairitage@optusnet.com.au) at $10.00 each (plus $2.00 postage or overseas airmail postage, where applicable) $15.00 for double issues. Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries is produced and distributed by the Sydney Branch of BCSA. The contribution of articles and notes is welcome from members and non-members.

Advertisements: Full page $60.00; half page $30.00 per issue; back cover $75.00 per issue. Please send ads to the Publications Editor.

These amounts are in Australian dollars (AUD) and all cheques and moneyorders are to be in this currency and sent to the Hon Treasurer, Hillary Goldsmith, at the address given on the ‘Contact’ page. All other correspondence should be sent to the Hon Secretary, Professor Mark Ferson, at the address given there.



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