The Book Collectors’ Society of Australia

Founded 1944.  ABN 80 427 656 467


President: Chris Nicholls cnicholls66@gmail.com

Hon Secretary: Professor Mark Ferson,  4 Sofala Ave., Riverview, NSW 2066   m.ferson@unsw.edu.au

Hon Treasurer: Hillary Goldsmith, PO Box 324, Rose Bay, NSW 2029 hjgoldsmith@bigpond.com

Publications Editor: Richard Blair blairitage@optusnet.com.au

Assistant Publications Editor: Brian Taylor brian.taylor@Sydney.edu.au

Committee: Michael Hough mhough@comcen.com.au  (particularly Society history)


President: Mike O’Brien

Vice-President: Dr John Chapman

Secretary: Stephen Herrin, Rare Books, Matheson Library, 40 Exhibition Walk, Monash University, VIC 3800,   stephen.herrin@monash.edu 

Treasurer: Ed Jewell PO Box 927 Templestowe VIC 3106

Past President: Wal Kirsop

Committee:  John Arnold, David Harris, Stuart Kells,  Dr Richard Travers, Peter Williams.

South Australia

President: Pam Deverell

Secretary: Etta Clark, c/- 5 Cowra Ave., Gillies Plains, SA 5086

Treasurer: Andrew Peake

Newsletter: Glen Ralph  wilmarlibrary@internode.on.net (08 8443 7728)


Publications Editor: Richard Blair blairitage@optusnet.com.au

Asst. Publications Editor: Hon Associate Professor Brian Taylor brian.taylor@sydney.edu.au

Victorian Editor: Stephen Herrin stephen.herrin@monash.edu


BCSA Webmaster Chris Nicholls



2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I would like to know how I can obtain a copy of an article that was published in Biblionews in 2004. The article is entitled: The Convict Ship Success: A Very Successful Hoax, by Neil A. Radford. The pertinent reference is 341-2:3-10. Thank you.Rich Norgard

    Posted by Rich Norgard | 19/03/2011, 12:48 pm
  2. I have a large red covered book 41cm x 30cm 2 cm thick front cover is marked CORONATION
    KING Edward V11 1902. The back is marked PEARS< SOAP MAKERS by ROYAL WARRANT TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KINg, THE QUEEN. I would be interested in selling to a collector if there is one in Western Australia who is interested or taking it to a establishment that is interested.

    Posted by Charles Hillan | 12/10/2011, 2:44 am

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