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Sydney Show & Tell: December 2007

The Sydney Show & Tell Meeting Held on 1 December 2007 The Contributors   John Newland: showed some items connected with C J Dennis. His contribution appears as a separate article I this issue. Neil Radford: One of the things I collect is books which have descriptions of Australia by people who have never been … Continue reading

Jacqueline Ogeil interview with Stuart Kells

(21 May 2011 at Duniera near Mt Macedon) Jacqueline Ogeil:  Every bibliophile has a favourite memory of an unexpected find. What is yours? Stuart Kells:  In 1995 there was a book sale at Trinity College in Melbourne. Advertising for the sale was low-key. At the opening I was one of the first through the door. … Continue reading

September 2010 Show & Tell meeting in Sydney

DUE TO THE DEFERRED BCSA AGM (Sydney 2010) this Show and Tell was held earlier than usual, on 4 September 2010 at Summer Hill Community Centre. It was chaired by BCSA president Chris Nicholls who adjudged the winner as Graham Stone for his revised self-published Australian Science Fiction Bibliography 1848-1999. Contributions follow from Neil Radford, … Continue reading

Kickshaws of Paris: Funky?

In appreciation of the exhibition at Adelaide Old Books, October- November 2003, ‘True To Type: An adventure in creative typography from Kickshaws, Paris.’ Oh well it takes all kinds; ‘funky’ was the enthusiastic response of my medical student daughter and mother of three when she described her visit to the Old Adelaide Books exhibition in … Continue reading

Frankfurt Book Fair, 2003

If the Frankfurter Buchmesse 1 is Mecca to all those interested in books, then is it not beholden upon each and every one of us to at least visit it once in our lifetime? I have never been to a Frankfurt Book Fair before. This is partly because my own subject interest is not new, … Continue reading

Weeping Walrus and Gingerbread: a Comb Through the Mustache

THE MOST FAMOUS, the most distinctive mustaches of the twentieth century, I suggest, belong to Adolf Hitler, Salvador Dali, Joseph Stalin and Groucho Marx. So distinctive are they that, like the Cheshire Cat’s grin, these mustaches remain hovering in the mind’s eye long after the faces to which they are attached have disappeared. A scrubbing-brush, wacky waxed spikes, two conjoined dead rodents and a paint job. You could add any one of them to a portrait of the Mona Lisa and everyone would immediately know whose mustache she had on—though in Groucho’s case you would give her his round glasses too for absolute certainty. It is interesting to note that these mustaches divide neatly into two distinct camps: monster-tyrants on the one hand and creativesubversives on the other. Continue reading

The December 2005 Show and Tell meeting in Sydney

IT HAS LONG BEEN a tradition with the Society in Sydney that the final meeting for the year is a Show and Tell Meeting, where members bring one or more items of bibliophilic interest and speak to it/them. Attached to this tradition is the further one: that the President of the day judges which is … Continue reading

Jürgen Wegner on the 75th anniversary of the Berlin book burning

2008 is the 75th anniversary of the burning in Berlin by the Nazis on 10 May 1933 of books not to their taste. For those interested in this important event in modern book history check out the following video: Continue reading

The Enemies of Books and Libraries: an Historical Note

I HAVE TAKEN the title of this brief perusal of some of the more recent catastrophes which have caused the destruction of books from a reference first published in 1886, The Enemies of Books, written by William Blades, reprinted in 19021. The traditional enemies of books have long been acknowledged to be fire, flood, looters and insect pests. Continue reading

Two Book Inscriptions from England

IN 1976, when I moved from England to Victoria, I brought with me a fair-sized collection of books. Some I had acquired by gift and bequest from my maternal grandparents in Oxfordshire, most of the rest I had collected while living in the London area from 1963 to 1976, as this had given me access to a wide range of new and second-hand booksellers. Continue reading