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MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE BOOK COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA (SYDNEY DIVISION) HELD AT THE UNITING CHURCH HALL, TURRAMURRA, ON 10 SEPTEMBER 2005 THERE were 13 members present. President’s report was tabled and is reproduced elsewhere in the present issue of Biblionews. Doug Mackenzie moved that Betty and Jeff Bidgood be thanked … Continue reading

Book Review

Australian personal bookplates.  By Andrew Peake. Dulwich, SA: Tudor Australia Press, 2000, 216 pp. ISBN 0 9589177 79 (Standard edition) and 0 9589177 95 (De Luxe edition) Obtainable from: Andrew Peake, 14 Tudor St, Dulwich SA 5065. Standard edition, $125 plus GST, De Luxe edition, $200 plus GST (postage additional) The author, who has a … Continue reading

Art Deco Influences on Australian Book Design

The term Art Deco, a contraction of the title of the major 1925 Paris exhibition, the Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, was coined in the 1960s to refer to an amalgam of styles most evident between the Wars. In the simplest sense, this style was a geometric, machine-age reaction to the sinuous, … Continue reading

Coleman Hyman and Australia’s First Bookplate Exhibit

THE PICTORIAL BOOKPLATE MOVEMENT, and interest in book plates as an artform rather than as a mark of social standing, began in Australia in the fin de siècle, the last decade of the 19th century. John Lane Mullins, a well-connected Sydney solicitor and art patron, was responsible for its inception through his commissioning of emerging Australian artists to design bookplates for his own use and for members of his family. Continue reading

Blanche Milligan’s Bookplate Letters

AN UNFORESEEN, and exciting, by-product of the launch of the New Australian Bookplate Society in Blackheath in October 2005, at least to this far-gone bookplate historian, was the unearthing of a box of letters formerly belonging to Sydney collector Blanche Milligan. Continue reading

New Australian Bookplate Society

A number of artists, bibliophiles and collectors have expressed an interest in forming a group with the common idea of promoting the art and use of bookplates. In these Internet days, it only takes two people to form a society, so we’re probably ahead already. Continue reading

The December 2006 Show&Tell meeting in Sydney

The traditonal end-of-year Show & Tell meeting held at the Turramurra Uniting Church was the Society’s last meeting to be held in that venue before its move in 2007 to a central one in the premises of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, at 145 Macquarie Street, Sydney. Members present at the meeting expressed their thanks to Immediate Past President Janet Robinson and her husband Gordon (winner of last year’s Show & Tell) for making the Turramurra venue available so readily and for so long, when the venue organised by Betty and Jeff Bidgood in Ryde became, after some years, no longer available.As Acting President, Brian Taylor chaired the meeting and provided the traditional prize. Ten of the members present “showed & told”. Continue reading

Notes & Queries: Bookplates of Lena Cohn in Das kleine Schmetterlingsbuch

THE ARTICLE by Brian Taylor on the illustrated Insel-Bücherei books and their influence on the King Penguin designs, which appeared in the June 2005 issue of Biblionews (pp 43-72), made reference to his copy of No 213, Das kleine Schmetterlingsbuch (1934). Brian, you may recall, observed that this copy bore a bookseller’s label from the … Continue reading

Notes & Queries: Reinstituting Society Subscriptions

AT THE SOCIETY’S general meeting held in Sydney on 4 March 2006, the Secretary-Treasurer initiated a discussion on whether the Society should reintroduce subscriptions and, if so, at what level. Continue reading

2008 BCSA Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia (held at 2pm, Saturday, 6 December 2008, at the Summer Hill Community Centre, Sydney) 1 Present: Richard Blair (Acting President, chair), Frances Carleton, Mark Ferson, Elizabeth Fletcher, Tom Fletcher (by invitation), Darel Hughes, Helen Kenny, Shirley McGlynn, Doug Mackenzie, John Newland, Chris Nicholls, … Continue reading