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Founded in 1944, the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia has been a focus for collectors to share their enthusiasm for books of all kinds. There are four meetings a year in Sydney, with a guest speaker, often one of the members, who shares some of the treasures of his or her collection of or interest in books. By ‘treasures’ we don’t necessarily mean rare and expensive books, rather we mean books that are special to you.

The Society’s journal, Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries, not only deals with book collecting but is much more — a bridge that joins together all members, whether collectors, librarians or booksellers, and all who are interested in books, to have, to read, to enjoy in any way.  Published quarterly, Biblionews prints independent leading articles on matters ranging from manuscript studies to national heritage policy. 

The Society meetings in Sydney are usually on the first Saturday afternoon in March, June, September and December and anyone with an interest in books is welcome.  The last meeting of the year is traditionally the ‘Show and Tell’ meeting, when members are invited to bring an item from their collection and talk about it for a few minutes. It’s always a lively and interesting meeting. 

We hope you’ll join us. The annual subscription is $30, but why not come along to a few meetings (there’s no charge) and experience the pleasure of being among fellow enthusiasts? We usually meet on Saturday afternoons at the University of Sydney Main Campus . 

To join, or for other enquiries, contact:

The Honorary Secretary: Professor Mark Ferson, 4 Sofala Avenue, Riverview NSW 2066



Further information and resources for book collectors

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  1. I have an original copy in its box cover of the Ampol Touring Atlas of Australia and would like to find out where to advertise it for sale it was published in 1969 ?

    Posted by Andrew Percy | 15/04/2011, 9:34 pm

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