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Fine presses indeed. U.K. Fine Press Book Fair 1999 Catalogue of Exhibitors. Royston, Hertsfordshire: Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association and The Fine Press Book Association, 1999. 48 pages paperback. Limited to 1500 copies. For the U.K. Fine Press Book Fair of 1999 the Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association (PBFA) in conjunction with the Fine Press Books Association … Continue reading

Book Review

What a Difference 50 Years Make. Miles Franklin. A personal tribute to HENRY LAWSON. Pearl Beach N.S.W., Escutcheon Press 1999, 16 pages (unpag.) paperback, ISBN | 87586212 9, $11.00 plus p&p. Just imagine a night in September, 1942, with Australia and its allies not only at war but in the dark days of World War … Continue reading

Atlas of the Laperouse Voyage

“SCOUTING THE WORLD” FOR THE ATLAS OF THE LAPEROUSE VOYAGE. The first edition of the Laperouse Voyage was published in four quarto volumes with accompanying folio atlas at Paris in 1797. The atlas contained 69 plates, maps and plans. It is the first and official account of the ill-fated world voyages undertaken in the frigates, … Continue reading

Library Acquisition: University of Sydney

AN ELIZABETHAN MASTERPIECE The University of Sydney Library has recently acquired, by private sale, a copy of the important Elizabethan work A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke, written by Thomas Morley and published in London by Peter Short at the Sign of the Starre in Breedstreet in 1597. Since no other original copy of … Continue reading

BCSA Publications

STUDIES IN AUSTRALIAN BIBLIOPHILY (BP) BP01. Bidgood, Jeff (editor); Ferson, Mark (editor) (1994). Australian bookplates: an illustrated collection from members of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia. 113 pp. BP02. Bidgood, Jeff (1995). Special-purpose bookplates of Australian libraries (I): Dixson Library of the University of New England. 51 pp. BP03. Moore, Deirdre; Saunders, Julia (editor) … Continue reading

BCSA Publications

STUDIES IN AUSTRALIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY (BB) BB01. Stone, Walter (1952). Henry Lawson: A chronological checklist of his contributions to “The Bulletin” 1887-1924. 21 pp. BB01A. Stone, Walter (1964). Henry Lawson: A chronological checklist of his contributions to “The Bulletin” 1887-1924 (2nd edition). 23 pp. BB02. Stone, Walter (1955). Joseph Furphy: An annotated bibliography. 22 pp. BB03. … Continue reading

BCSA Publications

OUT OF SERIES 1. Daniel, H. (1965). Commedia dell’arte and Jacques Callot. 34 pp. 2. Carney, T. F. (1965). John the Lydian: On the magistracies of the Roman Constitution: First complete English translation. 118 pp. 3. Salisbury, T.; Gressner, T. (1971). Winradyne of the Wiradjuri: Martial law at Bathurst in 1824. 59 pp. 4. Fletcher, … Continue reading