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2009-12, 363, 364, AGM 2009

AGM 2009

Minutes of the BCSA AGM
held on Saturday 5 September 2009 at the
Summer Hill Community Centre

Sixteen members attended the meeting, which was declared in session at 2:10pm. The President, Richard Blair, chaired the meeting before the election of officers.
1. Apologies were received from Frances Carleton, Tom Fletcher, Norman and Margaret Hetherington, Helen Kenny and Shirley McGlynn.

2. The minutes of the 2008 AGM were confirmed (moved Richard Blair, seconded Chris Nicholls).

3. Matters arising:

(a) BCSA website:

(i) the URL for the website is <bookcollectors.org.au>. The site is still being developed and final content is still to be decided. It should have links to other relevant sites.
Action: Members are asked to communicate suggestions concerning the website to Mark Ferson, who will then pass them onto Chris Nicholls.
(ii) The costs of the website need to be ascertained.
Action: Chris to follow up with Tom Fletcher.
(iii) R Blair moved that a vote of thanks be given to Tom Fletcher and Chris Nicholls for progressing the development of the website.

(b) Biblionews index:
No further action has been taken on compiling an updated index; however, Neil Radford continues to compile the annual index. Neil was thanked for his ongoing efforts in this regard. Jeff Bidgood reported that he and Neil were working on developing a digitised index for all issues following on from John Fletcher’s published index.
(c) History of the Society:
Michael Hough has volunteered to undertake this work, M Ferson moved that this offer be accepted with grateful thanks.

(d) Constitution:
No progress has been made on revising the 1944 constitution so far.
Action: R Blair and B Taylor have agreed to work on this.
(e) Book Collectors’ Society of South Australia:
The BCS of SA has now become a branch of our Society, rather than continuing as a separate entity.
(f) The Society’s 65th anniversary:
A number of activities have been proposed to mark this anniversary, some of which have taken place or are under development:

• The inaugural Walter and Jean Stone Memorial talk was given by Jeff Bidgood at the June meeting.
• Life membership to Jeff Bidgood in gratitude for his many years of service to the Society;
• The 65th anniversary edition of Biblionews:
• The development of the website and updating of the Constitution previously referred to.

4. President’s report:
Richard Blair tabled his report. In particular, he acknowledged the work of C Nicholls for his assistance in the production of the new flyer.

5. Treasurer’s report:
Darel Hughes spoke to the report he had tabled. The Society is in a comparable financial position to that pertaining at the end of 2007–08. It was noted that individual subscriptions are now coming from SA members following the absorption of the SA Society into the Society as a whole (The SA Society had previously arranged a bulk, discount subscription). Costs for room hire for meetings had dropped substantially. The production and distribution of Biblionews is the major cost for the
6. Secretary’s report:
M Ferson gave a verbal account in the absence of a written report. He will continue to explore advertising of the Society to attract members.Mark proposed a new division of labour between the duties of Treasurer and Secretary in which new and renewing members would send their information in the first instance to the Secretary, who would thus be able to maintain an up-to-date members’ database for the purposes of
keeping a Biblionews mailing list and also a members’ email group. The Secretary would then forward any members’ monies to the Treasurer for accounting and banking purposes. This was agreed by those present.

7. Publication Editor’s report:
This was tabled and spoken to by B Taylor and will be published in Biblionews. R Blair proposed a motion to thank Brian for his 16–17 years as Biblionews editor. This was passed by acclamation. The Society’s condolences were communicated to Brian on the death of his mother on the day before the AGM.

8. R Blair moved that all reports be accepted, seconded by N Radford, the motion was passed by all those present.

9. Election of officers:
The President vacated the chair, and N Radford took the role of Returning Officer.

(a) C Nicholls having been nominated as President by R Blair, accepted and was elected by members.
(b) M Ferson having been nominated as Secretary, accepted and was elected by members.
(c) D Hughes having been nominated as Treasurer, accepted and was elected by members.
(d) R Blair having been nominated by C Nicholls as Publications Editor, accepted and was elected by members. Richard was given the power to co-opt assistance with the Editor’s duties. Vicki Nicholls nominated B Taylor to be made Assistant Editor and to be a member of the Committee; this was accepted and confirmed by those present.
(e) In the absence of nominations to the position of Vice-President, it was agreed to defer this matter to the Executive & Committee for further discussion.

(f) J Newland, T Fletcher and M Hough were elected as Committee members. G Stone withdrew from the Committee and was thanked for his work in this capacity.
(g) The new President, C Nicholls, took the chair and thanked those present. He spoke about working with the Secretary and others in promoting the Society and increasing its membership.

10. General Business:
Doug Mackenzie raised a few matters for the interest of those present:

(a) he showed a BCSA notice of a members’ night dated 25 October 1946;
(b) a lot bought at the Bonham & Goodman auction – a book with Barry Humphries’ bookplate;
(c) notice in today’s Sydney Morning Herald of the auction of the library of Lady Joyce Black (wife of the late Sir Hermann Black, Chancellor of Sydney University 1970–1990);
(d) Sydney University Book Fest the following week; and
(e) a Sydney Morning Herald article from 2 July 2009 mentioning the Hetheringtons in the context of the 50th anniversary of Mr Squiggle.

11. Meetings for 2010:
6 March, 5 June, 4 September and 4 December.
Action: all members were asked to forward ideas for speakers to the President and/or Secretary.
The meeting was declared closed at 3:15pm.

Dr Mark Ferson then gave a talk on “Harrie Mortlock and the Beacon Press, Sydney”, his interest having been fired initially by his knowledge of the Press’s books for P Neville Barnett, and then by stumbling across its finely printed books of poetry and the Book of the Anzac memorial (1934). Mark circulated examples of the beautiful works printed by the Press from the 1930s to the 1950s, as well as Mortlock’s diary of the Press, loaned by Mortlock’s daughter Jocelyn Grimshaw. He is currently preparing an article with the hope of raising this important Sydney fine printer from obscurity.





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