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Notes & Queries

Notes & Queries

Mr Squiggle gets lifetime AGA membership

The Australian Cartoonists’ Association’s President’s Dinner took place on Saturday, 1 March 2008, in Sydney. The highlight of the night was the genius behind Mr Squiggle, Norman Hetherington, being awarded Life Membership of the ACA.

Norman Hetherington was bom in Sydney n t922 . In 1938 when Norm was fifteen years old The Bulletin published one of his cartoons. At the time he was a technical college student studying art. He wanted to be an artist, but when the Second World War started he ended up as a soldier in the 1st Australian Entertainment Unit. After the war in 1946, he got a staff job at The Bulletin while freelancing to Man, Man Junior, Army, Humour, and Quiz.


When John Firth left the Sydney Morning Herald in 1950 Hetherington was asked if he wanted to replace him as the daily cartoonist. He declined so that he could develop his interest in puppets. With the help of his wife Margaret he developed Mr Squiggle for the ABC in 1959. Australian Consolidated Press took over The Bulletin in 1960 and he left to work on his puppets. Hetherington was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM) in 1990 and was still working on Mr Squiggle 40 years after he was first broadcast.

Source :

http://wwwjasonchatfi eld.com/blog/article/598/rnr-squigglegets-lifetime-aca-membership

Book Fairs 2009

The University of Sydney ‘Book Fest’ conducted by its Chancellor’s Committee (with BCSA members Neil Radford and Doug Mackenzie on it) will be held in the Great Hall from Saturday, 12 September, to Wednesday, 16 September, between 10 am and 4 pm (Wednesday 2 pm). Boxes (5-ream capacity) of books can be had for $10 on Tuesday and $5 on Wednesday.

Contact number: (02) 9351 7 657 .

The 2009 Uralla Book Fair will be held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September this year in the Memorial Hall, Salisbury Street, Uralla. Opening times are Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm. Entry is free and there will be 15 or so stallholders from NSW and interstate present. Uralla is in northern New South Wales and can be reached on the Armidale line by Xplorer train from Sydney.

For further information contact Ross Burnet by telephone on (02) 6778 4682 or (02) 6778 4683, or look up http://www.urallabookfestival.com.au on the internet.

Ben Lane on our late President Dr Ben Haneman’s Don Quixote collection

ln the Higher Education section of The Australian newspaper of 22 April 2009, Ben Lane opens his article on p.33 , “The pudding’s proof lies in Spanish inquisition”, by connecting Cervantes’ Don Quixote with some Australian literature:

EVER noticed the flavour of Cervantes in the Magic Pudding? There’s more than a pinch of Don Quixote in Australia’s creative fare, according to Roy Boland, honorary professor of Spanish at the University of Sydney.

Peter Carey’s novel Oscar and Lucinda is more obviously Quixotic but in Norman Lindsay’s tale, Sam Sawnoff and Bill Barnacle show themselves true knight-errants by their stout defence of Albert the put-upon pudding.

Don Quixote is the ultimate cut-an’come-again dish. It’s a novel that talks about itself and allows itself to be endlessly re-read and rewritten, some times in disguise.

He then goes on, in connection with a talk to be given that week at the State Library of NSW by Boland, to point out that the State Library is home to a collection of more than 1100 editions of Don Quixote in 60 or more languages plus other literature about Cervantes and his book , this collection having been amassed over 30 years by Dr Ben Haneman, “a Sydney physician born in Florence. A medical historian and Hispanophile, and above all, a book collector who playfully described his passion as demonic and pathological”. He reports further that ‘the collection began when a grateful South American patient gave Haneman his first edition” and that “Haneman seized upon Don Quixote as a charter for idealists”, being himself “a Leftist who believed in private practice for physicians, [a]n observant Jew” who “happily worked with the Catholic movement Opus Dei”. He concludes with the information that Ben Haneman was in 2001 at the library when he suffered the fall that brought his death and quotes Michael Gamarra, director of Cervantes Publishing: “Perhaps fate wished that he die close to that which he loved so much.” The article is accompanied by a colour photo by Renee Nowytager featuring from the collection a 1930 French edition of Don Quichotte.

What is not mentioned is that Ben Haneman was in the few years leading up to his death a very active President of the BCSA

Charles Stitz requests information on an article by Dr John Emmerson

I’m currently working on an entry concerning the Hammet brothers, and I have a photocopy of an article by Dr J McL Emmerson of the Melbourne branch entitled “The Rollo Hammet Collection”. It’s a critique of the priced catalogue issued in 1977 by Peter Arnold, and I suspect it was published in Biblionews in that year, or shortly thereafter. However, as my set of Biblionews is blank for that period I can’t verify the citation. If the Society’s set is complete, could you possibly check whether it was in fact published and let me have the citation.

(A search of our indexes and the Editor’s Archive has not turned up the article in Biblionews, so can any of our Victorian members assist Charles with his enquiry? Charles can be reached on (02) 6021 3230 (10.30am-6pm Tues-Sat), email: <booksondean@biglond.com> or at 31444 Dean St. Albury, NSW 2640.Ed.)



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