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2009-06, 361, 362, South Australia

A Meeting of the Book Collectors’ Society in South Australia

A Meeting of a Book Collectors’ Society in South Australia

(Reprinted from Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries, December, 1981 (Vol. 6 Nos. 3, 4), p.58 )

This was held on 21 September 1981 in the Symon Library of the State Library of S.A. Miss [Valmai] Hankel announced with regret the death in Sydney at the end of August of Mr Walter Stone, the founder, and until recently the President of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia.  The first part of the meeting was devoted to business and in particular to discussion of a constitution. The Interim Committee are to do more work on this.

Miss Hankel then introduced the evening’s speaker, and the first person to address the Society, Dr T.T. Reed, Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide 1957-1973 and a leading Kendall scholar. He edited the first definitive edition of the works of Harry Kendall which was published by the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1966.  Dr reed gave an interesting, amusing and informative address which he wrote he said “to please himself” but in the process he also pleased others.  Dr Reed talked about a number of famousbook collectors and on whether it is possible to define a book collector.  He concluded that it is impossible satisfactorily to define one.  Dr Reed then described his own book collecting practices over a long life.



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