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AGM: 2011

Minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia
(Saturday 3 September 2011, 2 pm
Staff Room, Level 5, Fisher Library, University of Sydney)

1. Present / Apologies:
Present were: Chris Nicholls (chair), Richard Blair, Mark Ferson, Margaret Hetherington, Michael Hough, Doug Mackenzie, David Pringle, Neil Radford, Don Ralston, Val Tobleck.
Apologies were received from: Nazirah Chattah, Elizabeth Fletcher, Tom Fletcher, Darel Hughes, Helen Kenny, Shirley McGlynn, John Newland, Vicki Nicholls, Lindsay Payne, Brian, Isobel & Catriona Taylor.

2. The minutes of the 2010 AGM were confirmed.

3. Matters arising:

(i) Purpose and reach of Society: Chris plans to circulate today and invites comments from members, to be put on Agenda for next AGM.
(ii) Website: Subject to continuing work to improve the website. Few members have looked at it, but may obtain details from Chris, Mark or Richard. Comments solicited from members. Committee will put a system in place to monitor and respond to comments placed on the website by members of the public.
(iii) Society history: Some progress being made with this. Michael Hough will provide Committee with a revised outline soon.

4. President’s report: Chris Nicholls tabled his report and spoke to it (see report).

5. Treasurer’s report: Not available, with apologies from the Treasurer.

6. Secretary’s report: Mark Ferson provided the balances as at 30 June in the two accounts held by the Society at Commonwealth Bank: Term deposit, $6347.82, and Cheque account, $8298.73.
He also provided statistics on membership and Biblionews distribution: there are 159 fully paid up members, including 3 life members; 7 unpaid for 2010/11 although some may have paid since 1 July by electronic funds transfer; 12 gratis to libraries in Australia and overseas; in addition, 4 copies of Biblionews go to Legal Deposit libraries.

7. Publication Editor’s report: Richard Blair read his report (see report). Don Ralston commended the high quality of Biblionews, and Margaret Hetherington indicated that she was touched by the obituary for her late husband Norman Hetherington printed in Biblionews.

8. Election of office bearers and committee:
(i) Chris Nicholls was re-elected as President; Darel Hughes as Honorary Treasurer; Mark Ferson as Honorary Secretary; Richard Blair as Publications Editor; and Brian Taylor as Assistant Publications Editor.
(ii) Michael Hough was elected to the Committee with special responsibility for writing the Society’s history; Tom Fletcher was elected to the Committee with special responsibility for the Society’s website; and Val Tobleck was elected to the Committee with particular interest in increasing membership.

9. New Business:
(i) Doug Mackenzie mentioned Good Reading Magazine in light of the discussion about increasing membership. He also handed out notices for the upcoming Sydney University Book Fest 2011, and asked those present to note that Book Fairs are listed on Michael Hough’s Bookhome website.
(ii) Richard Blair raised the matter of the price set on extra copies of Biblionews, suggesting that the current small charge be increased – it was agreed to charge $10 per copy for extra copies. Discussion of the price to be asked for old back copies was deferred; Val Tobleck noted that a full set of Biblionews had sold through eBay for some thousands of dollars.

10. Sydney meetings for 2012: 3 March, 2 June, 1 September and 1 December.



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