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AGM: 2010

Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia (Saturday 4 December 2010 at the Summer Hill Community Centre)
Twenty two members attended the meeting, which was declared in session at 2.05 pm. The President, Chris Nicholls, chaired the meeting before the election of officers.

1. Present: Betty Bidgood, Jeff Bidgood, Richard Blair, Mark Ferson, Elizabeth Fletcher, Tom Fletcher, Michael Hough, Darel Hughes, Doug Mackenzie, John Newland, Chris Nicholls, Victoria Nicholls, Neil Radford, Don Ralston, Keith Redenbach, Brian Taylor, Catriona Taylor, Colin Thaine, Garry Tipping, John Ward, Ron Ward, Jurgen Wegner; and guest, Georgina Fletcher.

2. Apologies: Paul Feain, Margaret & Norman Hetherington, Shirley Hough, Helen Kenny, Shirley McGlynn, Rev Shelton, Rose Smith, Bradley Stone, Isobel Taylor, Val Tobleck, Max Walkley, Elizabeth Webby.

3. The minutes of the 2009 AGM were confirmed.

4. Matters arising:

(i) Special General Meeting on Rules/Constitution: The President spoke briefly to this item.

(ii) Additions to BCSA website: A number of points were gathered and are to be referred for later discussion with Tom Fletcher.

5. President’s report: Chris Nicholls tabled his report and gave highlights of the year (see report)

6. Treasurer’s report: Darel Hughes tabled a balance sheet and ledger and spoke to these items.

7. Secretary’s report: Mark Ferson gave a verbal report highlighting the further need to promote the Society and the current state of membership. As at 6 November 2010, the Society had 153 paid or life members (ACT, 9; NSW, 52; Qld, 9; SA, 11; Tas, 1; Vic, 62; WA 3, Overseas, 6).

8. Publication Editor’s report: Richard Blair read his report (see report). Doug Mackenzie asked whether the Editor in general received too many or too few articles. The Editor indicated that he would like to receive additional contributions.

9. Chris Nicholls moved that all reports be accepted, seconded by Darel Hughes; the motion was passed by all present.

10. Elections of office bearers and committee:

(i) Jeff Bidgood moved that current office bearers – Chris Nicholls, President; Mark Ferson, Secretary; Darel Hughes, Treasurer, Richard Blair, Publications Editor; Brian Taylor Assistant Publications editor – stand again in 2010-11. Seconded by Doug Mackenzie and passed unanimously.

(ii) Jeff Bidgood moved that current Committee members – Tom Fletcher, Michael Hough and John Newland – stand again in 2010-11. Seconded by Darel Hughes and passed unanimously.

11. New Business:

(i) The President put the question as to whom the Society should target as members, and how to broaden the appeal and hence the membership base of the Society. Several comments were received from the floor including:

(a) John Ward who noted that he considers himself a book lover rather than a book collector;

(b) Elizabeth Fletcher who observed that there are avid readers, eg members of book clubs, who would not be interested in the Society as it currently is;

(c) Jeff Bidgood suggested using the website to gain a wider audience and membership.

It was agreed that the Committee would consider the matter of broadening the purpose of the Society and hence its appeal and membership.

12. Sydney meetings for 2011: 5 March, 4 June, 3 September and 3 December.

* * * *

Special General Meeting

Following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the requirements of the BCSA Constitution of 1944 still in force – namely 21 days notice being given to financial members of the Society and a quorum of at least 20 members present – a Special General Meeting was held to discuss and approve changes to the 1944 Constitution, which required updating. For the record, notices of the AGM and SGM were sent by email on 8 November and by post on 10 November 2010. Twenty two financial members were present and the President also held six proxies from financial members.

The President presented to the meeting version 27 of the putative revised constitution, which was discussed with further changes being suggested from the floor. Once the relevant changes had been adopted, the final result, namely version 28 of the Revised Constitution, was voted on and was unanimously adopted as the Constitution of the Book Collectors‘ Society of Australia with effect from 4 December 2010.

The SGM was declared closed at 3.20 pm.



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