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Books from behind Barbed Wire

A talk given by Jim Andrighetti This talk focuses on published accounts, being chiefly memoirs and literary works, by participants in civilian and military internment on the homefront during World War II and related private archives in the Mitchell Library. My choice of topic draws on three convergent personal factors: my ethnicity, education and vocation. … Continue reading

Editorial: December 1999

The pattem has now established itself fairly firmly that Sydney and Melboume are responsible for putting together altemate issues of Biblionews, so that Sydney does the June and December issues and Melboume the March and September issues, though Sydney remains responsible for the final copy-editing of all issues. The result has been to increase the … Continue reading

BIBLIONEWS: Index 2010

Biblionews Index 2010 Numbers 365-366, 367-368 Alison, Jennifer. Obituary, 365-366:64-6 Arnold, John. Before he was a lexicographer: Eric Partridge and the Scholartis Press, 367-368:90-112 Biblionews Index 1947-2008, 367-368:80-3 Bidgood, Jeff. An Australian bookplate (Katherine Shaw), 365-366:27-32 Biblionews Index 1947-2008 (Compiler), 367-368:80-3 Mark Ferson, Bookplate Artist – launch, 365-366:37-40 photograph, 365-366:38, 367-368:83 Blair, Richard. Another School … Continue reading

BIBLIONEWS: Index 2009

Biblionews Index 2009 Numbers 361-364 Ackroyd, Peter. The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein, 361-362: 71-3, review Alison, Jennifer. Doing Something for Australia: George Robertson and the early years of Angus and Robertson, Publishers, 1888-1900, 363-364:138-40, review; 363- 364:142 Arnold, John. The Fanfrolico Press: Satyrs, Fauns and Fine Books, 361-362:63-5, review Australian and New Zealand Rare Books … Continue reading

Notes & Queries

Notes & Queries Victorian Editor Richard Overell draws attention to the following events: Book Collectors Society (Victorian Branch) are holding their AGM 2010 and Annual Dinner at 6:30 for 7:00pm on Thursday 2 April 2010 East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern. The speaker is Nick Dawes of Australian Book Auctions, who will give … Continue reading

Publications Editor’s Report: 2009

Publications Editor’s Report for the year 2008–2009 to the Annual General Meeting of the Book Collector’s Society of Australia to be held at 2:30pm at the Summer Hill Community Centre, on 5 September 2009 GETTING Biblionews out on time has continued to be a difficult task for me on account of my ongoingly heavy family … Continue reading

President’s Report: 2009

President’s Report for the BCSA Annual General Meeting held on 5 September 2009 AS YOU KNOW, last September due mainly to dreadful weather, we did not have a quorum to hold the Annual General Meeting at our then meeting venue in Macquarie Street in the city. A special committee meeting was held on 28 October … Continue reading

AGM 2009

Minutes of the BCSA AGM held on Saturday 5 September 2009 at the Summer Hill Community Centre Sixteen members attended the meeting, which was declared in session at 2:10pm. The President, Richard Blair, chaired the meeting before the election of officers. 1. Apologies were received from Frances Carleton, Tom Fletcher, Norman and Margaret Hetherington, Helen … Continue reading

Editorial: December 2009

Outgoing Editorial AT THE POSTPONED Annual General Meeting of the Society held in December 2008 I advised the members present that that would be the last occasion on which I would stand for the position of Editor of Publications, which I had had since 1992. The reasons I gave for this were that, in spite … Continue reading

Biblionews – lndex 2008

Biblionews-lndex 2008 Numbers 357-360 Academic Research Library in a Decade of Change, R Cary 360:167–72, review Aitken, Michael. Victorian Branch Members’ Night, 358:56 Angus & Robertson (publishers), 360:164-6 Arts of Publication: Scholarly Publishing in Australia and Beyond, Ed. L Neave et al, 358:80-5, review Auctions, 357:32-5 Australian Cookbook Collectors Society, 3 59:13940 Ayton, Elvala. Victorian … Continue reading