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Biblionews – Index 2003

Issue Numbers 337 to 340 A History of Australia, 1891-1945: a National Culture in a Colinized Market, Martyn Lyons & John Arnold. 337:30-34, review Tasmanian Place Names – The Aboriginal Connection, 339:101-113, review   Australian Book Collecting, 337:26-27   Barker, George Herbert, 337:39   Barnett, P. Neville, 339:87-96   Bidgood, Jeff, 337:27-29   Boness, Neil, … Continue reading

Kickshaws of Paris: Funky?

In appreciation of the exhibition at Adelaide Old Books, October- November 2003, ‘True To Type: An adventure in creative typography from Kickshaws, Paris.’ Oh well it takes all kinds; ‘funky’ was the enthusiastic response of my medical student daughter and mother of three when she described her visit to the Old Adelaide Books exhibition in … Continue reading

Book Review

Vestiges of the natural history of creation, by James R. Secord (Chicago and London; University of Chicago Press, 2000) 624 p. ISBN 0-226-74410-8. $US35.00. In the early Nineteenth Century the word “sensation” acquired a new shade of meaning: “A strong emotion (e.g. of horror, hope, curiosity etc.) aroused by some particular occurrence or situation; the … Continue reading

Ephemera and Talkfest

On Saturday 29 November 2003 a small group of enthusiasts met at the rooms of the Royal Australian Historical Society for an informal conference on printed ephemera. The event was organised by Alan Ventress (former Collection Development Librarian, State Library of New South Wales, and now Associate Director-City, State Records, as well as Vice-President of … Continue reading

Melbourne Members Night – 30 January 2004

Traditionally the last Friday in January is “Members’ Night” for the Victorian Branch of the Book Collectors Society. We gather in the supper room on the ground floor of the Royal Society building where our meetings are held; the more formal meetings usually take place in the lecture hall on the first floor. Each member … Continue reading

Fate of a Collection: David Cohen’s Science Fiction Books

David Cohen was an early member of the Book Collectors’ Society. Born in London, he had come to Australia in 1938 to escape the coming war, but that did not work. I knew him as a conspicuous figure in the Sydney science fiction community of the 1950s. That was not the best of times. After … Continue reading

The Convict Ship ‘Success’: A Very Successful Hoax

  For half a century, between about 1890 and 1940, a wooden sailing ship named the Success was exhibited in Australia, the UK, North America and other parts of the world. She was claimed to be, among other things, the oldest ship in the world and the last of the fleet of Australian convict ships. … Continue reading


Yet again this is not the full Victorian issue that I have been promising in my two previous editorials. Our colleagues there have provided so much material by now that we are using some of it to make up a mixed double issue of Victorian and New South Wales material. We have held over till … Continue reading

Book Review

Ottmar Mergenthaler: the man and his machine. Basil Kaplan. (New Castle, Del.: Oak Knoll Press, 2000), xv, 244 pp. US$55.00 What started as a contemporary German businessman’s private initiative to preserve some of the technological history of printing is today a national foundation, the Museum für Druckkunst, Leipzig [Museum of the Printing Arts, Leipzig]. It … Continue reading

Book Review

The Pleasures of Bibliography: Fifty Years of The Book Collector – An Anthology. London: British Library, 2003. 310pp. Hard. 35 pounds. ISBN 0712347798 The Book Collector is generally regarded as the establishment journal for book collectors and bibliographers with its engrossing mix of scholarly articles, comments and reviews. It has not had an easy financial … Continue reading