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2003-06, 338, Brian Taylor, Editorial


I hope not too many members have been waiting with bated breath for this June issue to finally appear (yes, I have no objection to splitting infinitives where sense demands it), but life’s vicissitudes have held this one up like so many before.

Around the middle of the year Jeff Bidgood and I were rushing to get the March issue out before I left in August for Europe, for where he and Betty were also to leave a couple of weeks after me. Such was the rush to get it to the printer so Jeff could post it out before he left that I failed to give that issue the necessary final proofread, as a result of which some corrigenda to it will be listed at the end of this editorial. Earlier we had hoped piously that we could actually get both March and June out before our departures, but that was not to be. Our combined absence ran over quite a few weeks, indeed a couple of months, so that has held us up from getting onto the June issue, apart from my being held back by a plethora of other duties.

The situation has not been helped by the fact that on my return I found that, for once, the membership had not provided me with enough material to fill a complete issue, so I have had to fall back on my predecessor John Fletcher’s solution and write material myself to supplement the three reviews that had come in. This is unfortunate in view of my having hogged a large part of each of the last three issues, but members have only themselves to blame, say I virtuously.

I attended a meeting of the Friends of the University of Sydney Library many months ago at which Honorary Associate Professor Robert J. Hunter and Fisher Library Rare Books Librarian Neil Boness gave addresses on a Sydney University scientist and book collector/donor, the late Emeritus Professor Walter Moore. Both gentlemen have, at my request, kindly e-mailed their addresses to me and allowed me to publish them in Biblionews, editing them as I wished. It is certainly somewhat of a change for us to publish on a scientist and scientific books, but while I limited myself in the case of Neil Boness’s books-focussed address to mainly copyediting, Professor Hunter’s address needed some pruning of the more purely scientific aspects in order to get the focus rather onto Walter Moore as an author in his own right, so again onto books.

I am grateful to Alan Rickard, Colin Steele and Nigel Sinnott for their reviews. Alan has the, I think so far unique, distinction of being both reviewer and reviewed in the same issue of Biblionews.

The index for the 2002 issues, compiled by Jeff Bidgood, should have appeared in the March issue, but there was insufficient space for it there, so we have held it over to this June issue.

After consultation with Richard Overell, arrangements are in hand for the coming September issue to be a Victorian one.



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