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2001-12, 332, Brian Taylor, Notes and Queries

Notes & Queries

Book Reviews

The Editor has asked me to take over responsibility for book reviews in Biblionews. So we need books and reviewers. The books are not a great problem because Oak Knoll Press in USA sends me information on their publications and will make any of them available for review on request.

Oak Knoll Press, established in 1976, publishes scholarly bibliographies and books about books – printing history, bookselling, typography, book collecting, bookbinding and other related areas.

It is reviewers we need. I will be glad to send a copy of Oak Knoll’s list of recent publications to any interested member. You indicate which book or books you would like to review and I will get them from Oak Knoll.

We cannot pay reviewers, but you get to keep the book. I am also keen to receive unsolicited reviews of books likely to be of interest to members.

Neil Radford


Number 4 in the above series, entitled Special Purpose Bookplates of Australian Libraries (I1), was launched in March 1997. This study covers bookplates used by The State Library of Queensland.

It has illustrations of 13 bookplates and contains 38 pages of detail and 10 of introduction. Limited to 70 signed copies there are still a few remaining. Cost including postage is $10 to members and $16 to non-members.



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