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2001-12, 332, Brian Taylor, Editorial


In my editorial to the very belated September 2001 issue, in which I mentioned the sudden death in December of our President Dr Ben Haneman and which contained as a loose insert a brief obituary from his sons, I indicated that the December 2001 issue would be one devoted to Dr Haneman. However, the main article there was to come from me – the reason for that will be evident once it does appear – and, as so often already, circumstances have held me back from completing it and getting the memorial issue together. Not least amongst those circumstances have been the illness, hospitalisation and death of my own father (at the great age of ninety) and the many obligations arising from his decease.

As we are now halfway into the next year, I decided in desperation that it would be best to take the items submitted by our Victorian members and use them to produce the present issue instead of holding them over to the March 2000 issue, as had originally been intended. So this is essentially a Victorian issue, though lacking, unfortunately, because of the last-minute change of mind, Richard Overell’s customary very informative editorial. The March issue will now instead be the one devoted to Ben Haneman.

The present issue contains an update on the little mystery in Nigel Sinnott’s June 1991 article “Two seventeenth-century Catholic books found in Oxfordshire” (290th Issue, Vol. 16, No.2, pp. 48-50), this time illustrated, and John Thawley’s absorbing account of the genesis of his, for many, oddly named bookshop and his book collecting adventures around the world.

Victorian branch President Dr Wallace Kirsop is represented by a review, as is our now regular reviewer, ANU Librarian Colin Steele. Please note and, I hope, act on the invitation to review from Dr Neil Radford, now our Reviews Editor. As from the March issue, Dr Radford will be listed as the President of the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia.



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