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2006-09, 351, Art, Australiana, Neil A Radford, Notes and Queries

Censoring Norman Lindsay

The first publication from the Fanfrolico Press, in 1925, was Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, translated by Jack Lindsay and illustrated by his brother Norman. This work was subsequently pirated in USA, for example by the New York publishers Halcyon House, Hartsdale House, Illustrated Editions Co, and Three Sirens Press. They are all undated, but early 1930s, and are all probably from the same source.In each of the pirated American editions some of Norman Lindsay’s more explicit illustrations were censored, as can be seen in the following examples. As Harry Chaplin put it, “Certain anatomical characteristics have been modified.” (A Lindsay Miscellany, 1978, p.38)Can anyone point me to any research that explains and discusses the censorship of Lindsay’s Lysistrata illustrations in these US editions?Neil A Radford



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