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The process by which a copy of the domestic (i.e. British) issue of a particular publication was transformed into its colonial counterpart is well understood: In the thirty-year heyday of the ‘colonial edition’ (from the mid-1880s to the early years of World War I) Continue reading


Australiana über alles in Wien

THE VIENNESE associations of the Biblionews editor’s most recent article have prompted this one. After my last visit thirty years ago, I stayed in Vienna for four days in early December 2008 en route to England and again for eight days in late February 2009 on my return journey to Victoria’s languorous Longwarry, a village of some 1200 souls. As in 1978, I was in Vienna comfortably accommodated by an old school friend in his commodious flat that is located in a side building of the Baroque Palais Liechtenstein, now an art museum on the street named Fürstengasse, which intersects with Liechtensteingasse. Continue reading

BCSA (Victorian Branch) Silver Jubilee Celebration 1958–1983

THIS milestone was celebrated in two ways—a commemorative dinner on Friday 30 September and a special meeting the following morning. Continue reading

The Genesis of the Society (Walter W. Stone, 1949)

The Genesis of the Society Reprinted from BiblioNews: Monthly Letter to Members April, 1949 (Vol. 2 No. 4) (This is reprinted from a copy that once belonged to the late John Fletcher and was given to me by his wife, Elizabeth Fletcher, in 2007. There are pencilled changes made in a hand that is certainly … Continue reading

The Genesis of Biblionews (Walter W. Stone, 1962)

The Genesis of Biblionews Reprinted from Biblionews, 200th IssueOctober, 1962, 1949 (Vol. 15 No. 10) (This is reprinted from the photocopy of the original two-page issue of Biblionews for October 1962, supplied by Jeff Bidgood to the audience at the inaugural Walter and Jean Stone Memorial Talk in June 2009. In retyping it I have … Continue reading

Some reminiscences of a member of the Book Collectors Society of Australia

The Inaugural Walter and Jean Stone Memorial Talk given at the June meeting of the BCSA in Sydney Jeff Bidgood THANK YOU for inviting me to give this the first of what I trust will be the forerunner of many Walter and Jean Stone Memorial Talks. It has forced me to reminisce about the history … Continue reading

Editorial- June 2009

BACK IN 1994 the Book Collectors’ Society of Australia celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its founding in Sydney mainly with a dinner held at the city’s Observatory Hotel. Three years later the 50th anniversary of the founding of its newsletter and later journal Biblionews was to be commemorated chiefly by the publication, as No. 5 in the series Studies in Australian Bibliography, of a volume of essays titled Fellows of the Book, though it didn’t, in the event, actually appear till 2000; and in 2007 the journal’s 60th anniversary saw the publication of a celebratory double issue of Biblionews. Continue reading

Share Your Treasures- State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria has created a new website that invites you to share your treasures with the rest of the world. Presumably it is only for Victorians with treasures, although this is not made clear in the publicity. Continue reading

The Australian Poetry Resources Internet Library

Many of the settlers who arrived in Australia in the decades after 1788 wrote, read and recited poetry. In both its oral and written forms, poetry was much more a part of everyday life than it is today. A year after the first issue in 1803 of a local newspaper, the Sydney Gazette, an original … Continue reading

Censoring Norman Lindsay

The first publication from the Fanfrolico Press, in 1925, was Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, translated by Jack Lindsay and illustrated by his brother Norman. This work was subsequently pirated in USA, for example by the New York publishers Halcyon House, Hartsdale House, Illustrated Editions Co, and Three Sirens Press. They are all undated, but early 1930s, and are all probably from the same source. Continue reading