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BCSA 2007 Annual General Meeting

Book Collectors’ Society of Australia

Annual General Meeting

Held at 2.30pm on Saturday, 1 September 2007

Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 145 Macquarie St, Sydney


1. Present: Brian Taylor (in the Chair), Darel Hughes, Hillary Goldsmith, David Blair, Richard Blair, Graham Stone, Don Ralston, Doug Mackenzie, Wilma Garnett, Rita Liddle, Janet and Gordon Robinson, David Ritchie, Helen Kenny, Neil Radford, Jane Macgowan, Mark Ferson (Minutes)

2.Apologies: received from John Newland, Brenda Heagney, Rose Smith, Norman and Margaret Hetherington, Shirley McGlynn

3. Confirmation of Minutes of 2006 AGM:Minutes were confirmed, moved N Radford, seconded R Blair

4. Matters Arising:

i. Biblionews index—discussed later in the Agenda

ii. City meeting venue—was found acceptable

5. Acting President’s Report

The report was tabled and read by B Taylor. His recommendation that Suzanne Mourot and Prof G A Wilkes be offered life membership was accepted: moved G Stone, seconded H Kenny. The Acting President to approach the two offering life membership.

6. Secretary/Treasure’s Report

The report was tabled and key points spoken to by M Ferson. The membership information was felt by those present to be of interest and worth reporting at future AGMs. D Hughes moved that the report be accepted, seconded R Blair

7. Biblionews Editor’s Report

The report was tabled and read by B Taylor. Those present acknowledged the heavy workload placed on the Editor and offers of assistance, especially with inserting each Biblionews issue in envelopes, were received from N Radford, D Hughes and J Macgowan.

N Radford reminded members of his earlier report on the Biblionews index, which has been prepared over the years by a number of individuals: John Fletcher prepared an Index which the Society published; Garry Cousins, a professional indexer, compiled one and in a different format they have since been compiled by Jeff Bidgood and Neil Radford. The latter proposed that G Cousins be approached regarding the compilation of a publishable index covering the period after John Fletcher’s . The motion was put that N Radford approach Mr Cousins regarding this and report back to the Secretary (who in turn would report to the Committee).

8. Election of Office Bearers

In the absence of other nominations, B Taylor offered to continue as Acting President, on the basis that if in due course some other, appropriate person were prepared to accept this office he was empowered by the meeting to appoint them and then himself step down; M Ferson offered to continue as Secretary; D Hughes was nominated as Treasurer and voted into this office; B Taylor will remain as Biblionews Editor.

Committee members agreed to continue: R Blair, J Newland, Gordon and Janet Robinson, G Stone.

9. General Business

i. BCSA Website: the A/President reported that he had received an offer from Elizabeth Fletcher that she develop a BCSA website. D Hughes offered to seek advice regarding the IT work which a website might require. It was agreed that the Committee would pursue the matter on behalf of members.

ii. History of the BCSA: N Radford reported that he and the Secretary had approached history academics at the Universities of NSW and Sydney regarding the possibility of a student continuing on the work begun by the late Eric Russell. In the absence of enthusiastic responses Dr Radford proposed that a call for expressions of interest be prepared and circulated as widely as possible. It was agreed that Drs Radford and Ferson would review Eric Russell’s material and compose a call for expressions of interest

iii. BCSA and the Science Fiction Society: G Stone drew members’ attention to a short article published in the December 1947 issue of the Sydney Futurian which referred to a subgroup of BCSA members who were interested in fantasy writing. Mr Stone was asked and agreed to prepare something for Biblionews.

iv. Advertising the BCSA: the Secretary observed that new members had generally mentioned that they had not heard of the Society except by accident, through word of mouth, flyers distributed at book fairs etc, and that there must be more systematic ways of making the Society more widely known. Suggestions were received of advertising in the Books & Publications section of the ‘Herald Trader’ in the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald; by contacting the SMH Spectrum editorial staff; or through the various Friends of Libraries groups, whose peak body is Friends of Libraries Australia

10. Meetings for 2008:

Meetings were set for 1 March, 7 June, 6 September and 6 December.


The meeting was followed by an address by Richard and David Blair on the literary career of their father Jim Blair entitled ‘“Blown to Blazes & Other Stories of J B Blair” and Jim’s years at The Bulletin (1934-1961)’. Members found the address fascinating and the speakers were heartily thanked by the Acting President. Members then retired for cake and biscuits, and a glass of sparkling wine, kindly donated by Publications Editor and Acting President Professor Brian Taylor, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Biblionews.



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