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2008-09, 359, Brian Taylor, German, Journalism / Publishing, Libraries, Notes and Queries

Notes & Queries: The e-book versus the real book.

A German newspaper ponders on the e-book versus the real book

The newspaper The Weekend Australian of 6-7 September 2008 cites, in the Editorial Comment column of its Weekend Editor section on p.32, the following translation of part of an item about the “success of devices for reading books” in the German newpaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

It is not just the economics of the book market that will change. Unprecedented upheaval is threatening to radically alter the longstanding profanation of the written word… The cult of the book has its…deepest roots in religion. The process of the Enlightenment and secularisation has not destroyed this cult but simply given it new roots. Anyone who picks up Amazon’s e-book reader cannot fail to be impressed in the first [few] hours and days by the technical possibilities offered by the device. Then when he goes back to his bookshelf the aura of the book appears to him as tender and vulnerable as the wings of a butterfly.



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