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Notes & Queries: The Australian Cookbook Collectors Society

The Australian Cookbook Collectors Society

The Good Living supplement of The Sydney Morning Herald of July 15, 2008, pp.8f., has a most informative article on cookery books (as older generations used to say) or cookbooks (as more recent generations now say) by Jenny Tabakoff with the title and subtitle, containing the sort of pun unavoidable in headlines these days, “Cook’s endeavour. Rare recipe books entice collectors to embark on voyages of disovery”. The article is a quite long one and may be dealt with in more detail in a future issue of Biblionews; however, for the moment the important thing for us to note is that it informs us that a woman, Michelle Moon from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, in 2007 started the Australian Cookbook Collectors Society. A side panel on p.9 lists bookshops in NSW and Victoria where such books can be purchased. Another panel on p.9 informs us that “[t]he doyen of cookbook collectors is John Hoyle […who] has donated about 700 pre-1950s cookbooks to the State Library of NSW […] and more are on their way.” It is also noted that many of these books feature in a display at the Library, titled Australian Cookbooks. What is nowhere mentioned is whether the ACCS has its own journal. If not, it would be nice if one or other of its members would offer an article on cookbook collecting to Biblionews sometime.

Link- http://web.mac.com/michellemoon/ACCS/HOME.html



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