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2008-06, 358, Bookplates, Mark Ferson, Meetings

New Australian Bookplate Society

A number of artists, bibliophiles and collectors have expressed an interest in forming a group with the common idea of promoting the art and use of bookplates. In these Internet days, it only takes two people to form a society, so we’re probably ahead already.You may be interested in historical aspects or in contemporary bookplate design. Whatever side of bookplates takes your fancy, if you DO want to join our fledgeling society, we plan to offer a regular newsletter, a directory of members AND a website. An annual members’ book is another option we hope to consider, subject to finances.Stop Laughing This is Serious Gallery, Blackheath is hosting the Society’s website at present— please visit it at www.stoplaughing.com.auand, if you are thinking of joining, please get in touch with one of the following:Dr Mark Ferson (Sydney) on 02 9428 2863 or m.ferson@unsw.edu.auElisabeth Bastian (Blackheath, NSW) on 02 4787 7533, orebastian@stoplaughing.com.au orAndrew Peake (Adelaide) on 08 8332 8884 or agpeake1@bigpond.net.au



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