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2008-06, 358, Brian Taylor, German, Notes and Queries

Don Ralston: yet another Witton coincidence

(Sydney member Don Ralston has emailed the Editor the following little item.)Re Siegfried Scholem mentioned in your ‘Three Postscripts to “The Little Island Books of Leipzig…” ’ article in Biblionews 355/56 for September/December, 2007, pp.175f.: I have discovered that Doctor Steven Scholem in practice at North Ryde is Siegfried’s great grandson. After Siegfried’s death in the 1930s, Dr Scholem’s grandfather and father went to South Africa and Dr Scholem came to Australia with his parents in 1954 when he was 7 years old. Furthermore, Dr Scholem knows Mr Witton and they in fact attend the same Synagogue. The old cliche ‘it’s a small world’ would appear to have some relevance here.(Postscript: Sadly, after this item was received, Mr Emil Witton passed away on 23 June 2008 following an operation resulting from a fall. An interview I had with him some months ago about his work as a printer will be published in Biblionews later this year. Ed.)



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