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2007-06, 354, Booksellers’ catalogues, Brian Taylor

Notes & Queries: Booksellers’ catalogues

Booksellers’ Catalogues

During the period that Jeff Bidgood was Secretary/Treasurer of the Society and assisting with the computer preparation of Biblionews, he religiously listed all the many booksellers’ catalogues he received along with all the contact details etc. and published these lists at the end of each issue of our journal. This was an awful lot of work, and when Jeff gave up all his functions for the Society, it was decided not to publish such listings anymore. And anyway, the Editor now receives regularly only three catalogues sent directly to him. Since some readers may wish to contact these booksellers and perhaps request their catalogues for themselves, it has been decided to pass on information about them just this once.

Catalogues and other items are regularly received from Edition Renard, which not only offers for sale choice copies of often old and very valuable books, but also itself republishes quite magnificent editions of early books, especially books of relevance to Australia. The September-December 2004 (343rd-344th) issue of Biblionews contained an article “Edition Renard: Venturing into re-publishing Australiana” (pp.43-58) on the latter activity by Julien Renard himself, the son of the late founder of the firm, Gaston Renard, and Neil Radford published a short item on the “Sixtieth Anniversary Catalogue from Gaston Renard, Fine and Rare Books” in the March 2006 (349th) issue (pp.21f.), from both of which articles interested readers can form a clear idea of what this firm offers. Unfortunately, though, Julien Renard’s article predates our use of colour illustrations and his beautiful colour originals are only reproduced in black and white there.

Contact details:         Edition Renard,PO Box 1030, Ivanhoe VIC 3079

Tel: 03 9459 5040; Fax: 03 9459 6787

Website: www.Gaston.Renard.com.

Most of the items offered by Edition Renard do not, by their very nature, come particularly cheaply. Those collectors whose means are limited might find that the catalogues issued by G A & J A Burkhardt Old and Fine Books a useful source of acquisitions. (Significant in this respect is the note at thehead of their listings: “We are not required to charge GST as we are a small business firm” [their emphasis].) The Australiana area is well representedin their catalogues.

Contact details:       G A & J A Burkhardt Old and Fine Books

11 Larakia Street, Waramanga ACT 2611

Tel: 02 6288 1939

Email: burkhard@actonline.com.au.

Otherwise there is the USA firm Oak Knoll Press, which publishes and republishes a very large number of quite marvellous books on book collecting, bibliography, bibliophily, libraries etc. While much that is offered is mainly relevant to America, much else is of considerably wider relevance.

Oak Knoll at one stage offered us books for review and sent most of what we asked for, and reviews of those can be found in fairly recent issues of Biblionews (e.g. from 2003), but with a staff change there, these offers ceased to be made. However, those reviews will give interested readers some idea of the type and quality of book they sell.

Contact details:    Oak Knoll Press

310 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE 19720,

USAWebsite: www.oakknoll.com.

The Secretary, Mark Ferson, has advised that he also receives catalogues from New Century Antiquarian Books containing much Australiana.

Contact details:    New Century Antiquarian Books

PO Box 325Kew Vic 3101

Telephone: (03) 9853 8408

Email: wantrup@newcentury.net.au or keating@newcentury.net.au



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