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2006 BCSA President’s Report

The last year has been a successful one for the Society, and the future of the Sydney branch and of Biblionews is looking good.

The year’s meetings in Sydney have been held at the Uniting Church Hall at Turramurra and have been well attended, though it has meant lengthy travelling for some members living on the other side of Sydney.

Financially, we are in a reasonably good position but this cannot last. The possibility of charging a subscription has been raised and is unresolved. An amount of $30 per annum was considered reasonable, to help cover mailing and printing costs of Biblionews, particularly the cost of the recent very effective colour printing.

To recap the year’s events

At the 2005 AGM Janet Robinson was elected President. Mark Ferson agreed to continue as Secretary/Treasurer, and the Committee members were Helen Kenny, Richard Blair, John Newland and Neil Radford. Our speaker for the day was Gordon Robinson who gave us a brief account of the early history of Penguin books.

Our December meeting was the traditional ‘Show and Tell’ where members spoke for a short period on a book from their collection.In March 2006 Neil Radford spoke on ‘Uncovering Hidden Travellers’ Accounts of Australia’. This revealed potentially useful information about Australia in travel books written in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In June Marcel Weyland spoke on the Polish writer Adam Mickiewicz, and Marcel’s translation into English of Mickiewicz’s book Pan Tadeusz, a subject new to most of us.

Doug Mackenzie developed some ideas for a leaflet designed to encourage people to join the Society, and several hundred of these were printed and distributed at the Book Fairs of the Universities of Sydney and NSW, and elsewhere.

Janet Robinson



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