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2006 Annual General Meeting

Book Collectors’ Society Of Australia (Sydney Branch) 2006 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 2 September 2006


Present Janet Robinson, Gordon Robinson, Mark Ferson, Richard Blair, John Newland, Brian Taylor, Helen Kenny, Darel Hughes, Richard Hoskin, DougMcKenzie.

Apologies Neil Radford, Norman & Margaret Hetherington, Shirley McGlynn.

Confirmation of Minutes of 2005 AGM Confirmed.

Matters Arising

Society brochure

Doug McKenzie had drafted something which was finalised by John Newland and Neil Radford. They were handed out at the UNSW Book Fair in April and seem to have resulted in some enquiries and new members. Volunteers are needed to hand out the flyer at upcoming Sydney University Bookfest – Graham Stone, Richard Blair and Gordon Robinson put forward their names for this task.

Biblionews index

Discussed at the Committee meeting and agreed that the possibility of acumulative index would be reviewed at a later date; that Brian Taylor would approach Neil Radford to continue to compile annual indexes.

President’s Report

The President read out her report for the year (published separately).

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

Financial position

The financial report for 2005/06 was tabled. A small income of $942.86was hugely offset by expenditure of $8,966.88 largely related to 6 issues of Biblionews with some colour pages. This led to an operating loss of$8,024.02. At the end of June, there was $12,926.46 in the bank. In 2005/06the cost of Biblionews with some colour issues was approximately $5.20per issue per member.

Reinstitution of membership subscriptions

The Secretary/Treasurer has been sending out subscription notices for 2006 over recent months to Australian institutional ($30) and individual members($20). It was agreed to set the membership fee at $30 for 2007 and that the Secretary/Treasurer would send out notices in June 2007. It is envisaged that resuming subscriptions would lead to loss of some members. Next year’s report will include information on the number of members.

Biblionews Acting Editor’s Report

This was tabled at the Committee, which resolved to publish 4 issues of Biblionews in 2007. Neil Radford was thanked for his sterling efforts in 2006 as the Acting Editor, including bringing publication back on schedule.

It was agreed to set the price of back issues of Biblionews at $5 plus postage.

Mark Ferson to provide list of available back issues to Brian Taylor for publicising in Biblionews.

Election of Office Bearers 2007

President – Brian Taylor. (Acting)

Secretary – Mark Ferson.

Treasurer – Mark Ferson.

Editor Biblionews – Brian Taylor.

Committee – Richard Blair, John Newland, Janet Robinson, Gordon Robinson.

General Business

Outgoing president

Janet Robinson was thanked heartily for her contributions to the Society whilst serving as President in 2006.

Committee meetings

It was agreed that the Committee would meet separately from the AGM so as not to draw out the duration of the September meetings and to give greater flexibility to the Committee’s deliberations.

Meetings for 2007

The Secretary/Treasurer proposed the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 145 Macquarie Street, Sydney as the venue for meetings in 2007. Although there is a cost of $36 per hour for door attendance/security for each meeting, this venue has the distinct advantages of a central location. There is a small number of complimentary parking spaces. The dates of meetings for 2007 will be 3 March, 2 June, 1 September and 1 December.

The meeting was followed by a fascinating talk by John Newland on ‘Some railway books in my collection.’



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